Joscelyn Kate


B2B Copywriter | Content Marketer | Blog Post Writer


I write content that keeps your readers engaged with your business and leaning on you, as an expert.


Content Writing

Content writing encompasses a lot of different things. Maybe you need someone to help with a newsletter , email campaign or turning videos into transcripts.

If you have general writing needs, I can help.

Contact me for more information on what writing services I have to benefit your business.


Blog Posts

If you need help developing or maintaining your blog, let me know! I can edit or re-write existing content and help you with future posts.

Or, if you just need a break and want someone to fill in for you, I will match your writing style and keep the information flowing.

Blog writing can be done at various intervals; daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, as long as it’s consistent.

Email me if you want more information on what I can do for your blog.


Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a great way to follow up with your current clients or reach out to new ones.

If you’re trying to expand your customer base, landing pages and email campaigns are one of the bet marketing tools.

I will create a killer email campaign to attract and close new business.

Reach out to me if you have questions about email campaigns, automation, and maintenance.



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