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My Background

B2B Content Writer | Specializing in Insurance Content and Copywriting | Blog Post Writer | Freelance Writer

I tell people I’m in claims but the truth is, I’m a writer. I write blog posts that will keep your readers engaged with your business and leaning on you, as an expert. People purchase insurance once a year, stay in touch with your members or reach more but offering them value all year round. A blog can help you educate, connect and build trust.

I write blog posts that will keep your readers engaged with your business. I will help establish you as an expert in your field with published content that demonstrates your knowledge and showcases what your company offers.

I also specialize in development, training, and recruiting. The insurance industry has one of the slowest growth projections of any occupation, according to the bureau of labor statistics.

The average growth rate for most occupations is 7%. The growth of the Insurance industry is only 3%, less than half the national average.

I can help you structure appealing job descriptions, create training modules and develop strategies to attract more employees and increase competition in your field.

An increase in competition drives up interest to prospects, especially college grads, lowers salaries and provides options to business owners who are seeking out the best talent for their company.

Contact me, let’s discuss your recruiting and training strategies.


Freelance Writing

Freelance writing encompasses a lot of different things. Maybe you need someone to help with newsletter content, email writing or turning videos into transcripts. If you have general writing needs, I can help. Contact me for more information on what freelance writing services are available to benefit your business.

Blog Posts

If you need help developing or maintaining your blog, let me know! I can edit or re-write existing content and help you with future posts. Or, if you just need a break and want someone to fill in for you, I will match your writing style and keep the information flowing. Blog writing can be done at various intervals; daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, as long as it’s consistent. Email me if you want more information on what I can do for your blog.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a great way to follow up with your current clients or reach out to new ones. If you’re trying to expand your customer base, landing pages and email campaigns are the next big marketing tool. I will establish a fantastic email campaign to attract and close new business. Reach out to me if you have questions about email campaigns, automation, and maintenance.

Resume and Cover Letters

I don’t just help businesses. I help people; people who are looking to land the job of their dreams. Sometimes you know you have all the right skills, you know you’re perfect for the job but you never get the call for an interview. I will write a resume and cover letter that will increase your chances of getting that interview. Don’t let a little thing like writing get in the way of a life-changing opportunity. I have you covered; reach out.

Product Reviews

Looking for a great review to sell your products? Email me. Having reviews posted on blogs, social media, and retail websites will showcase your product and drive business directly to you.