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How to Choose the Right Web Host for Your Business

You may already have a FB page for your business, which is great! But you really need a website. It’s professional, shows off your brand and holds the attention of your audience. Someone visiting your FB page might get distracted by all the other shiny things on FB so...

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Where Do I Market My Blog?

Where do you market your blog? Million dollar question right there. I told you to market, so market you must! But where? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Marketing depends on your niche. Since listing every...

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Blogging for Beginners: My Controversial Advice

So, you want to make money from home. You want to be a freelance writer and blogger. You see all the success that other awesome bloggers have and you envy their lifestyle. I get it. I do too. So, how do you get started? Most of the time, if you ask a successful...

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What Makes a Blog Successful?

Marketing!! Well, that's not the only thing but marketing is super important. There are a few necessary steps to take when creating a successful business/blog/website, whatever. I'll share the top points with you, but I want to stress the importance of marketing. Here...

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Can I Make Money Blogging?

Of course, you can!! I know, I know. When I started writing I had a vision. I knew what I wanted to write about and who I wanted to help. I thought my idea was brilliant!! Well, it is, but anyway, this is about my fears and the things that held me back. I wasn't sure...

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You Should Start Blogging Now

When I started writing, I was hired by publishing companies that would assign various articles and request 500-1,500 words on a plethora of different topics. I’ve written articles about water filters, dry cleaning, furniture stores, and mold. I’ve written articles...

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Connecting with Your Readers

Hospitality: the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. Typically, when you think of hospitality you think of welcoming guests into your home or another physical setting but, hospitality is not exclusive to physicality. If...

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5 Things to do When You Don’t Feel Like Writing

Sometimes writing is exhausting. Just like with any job, sometimes you just don’t feel like doing it. If you want to be a successful writer, blogger, columnist, etc. you’ve got to keep yourself going. Stay motivated. "Nobody craves your success as much as you do." If...

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How to Become a Paid Freelance Writer

Lots of people believe they need to have a degree in journalism or they have to apply to already established blogs or online publications. Luckily, that's not true. You can become a writer simply by writing every day. Actually, it's important to write daily, it's how...

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SEO Best Practices

Curated Content versus Repurposed Content

Blogging for B2B vs B2C


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