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Joscelyn Kate

Copywriter & Content Marketing Strategist

I’m Joscelyn, the straight-shooting, no-bull, copywriter and content marketing strategist. I believe in honest, upfront messaging, and respect for buyers intelligence. They know you’re not the only option, you know you’re not the only option.

Let’s cut out words like best, #1, and only, and be straight about the value clients get from you and your business.

There are ways to sell, and there are ways to sell. I’m about gaining trust and loyalty, not creating hype and using scarcity.

As a wife, mom, and boss, I don’t have time for nonsense. I want straight facts, so that’s what I give.

Want to know about me, personally? I like lattes, champagne, solid debates, and even numbers. I dislike small talk.

◊ You

You’re ready to do more than just selling. Your current copy isn’t converting. You need to revamp the way people are talking about you. You want to stand out in a saturated market – because let’s face it, pretty much every market is saturated.

◊ Me

I’m passionate about simplicity. Buyers are more aware of sales and marketing tactics than ever before. I create content that cuts through the bull and offers value with clear, simple messaging. I respect buyer’s intelligence, and speak to them with basic, truthful language.

◊ This

Because it’s direct, impactful, laser-focused, and tailored to your brand and your audience. There are other writers, there are other options, and you have to choose what’s right for you and your business. I want to be straightforward about this – my copy cuts out the fluff. I don’t do hype and I don’t do sales-y. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the wrong place. I do honest, I do helpful, and I do straight-to-the-point. That’s what you’ll get, every time.

◊ Now

Marketing is changing. Social media is no longer working for producers; it’s working for users. Become user-focused, customer-focused, and client-focused before your competitors do. I will create messages that speak to your targets about the value you provide, the opportunities offer, and the reasons they need to choose you. The best messages are full of quick wit, basic language, and verifiable truths.

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