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If you haven’t already launched into the digital marketing space, especially social media marketing, it’s time. There are so many reasons to use social media marketing for your business.

  • It’s mostly free, depending on the platform you use
  • Pretty much *everyone* is on at least one social media platform
  • You can track your reach, and success, on certain campaigns

Social media allows you to reach the widest audience possible, literally.

It’s a complete goldmine and there is no excuse to not be present on at least once social media platform.

The best way to maximize your social media reach is to connect them back to your blog.

A Blog Anchors Social Media to Your Website

Having a blog allows you to expand on tidbits of valuable information that you’ve posted on a social media platform or in an email blast. Make your posts quick and catchy, then link back to a longer and more involved blog post.

Attention spans are shorter than ever, capturing your target with a long form ad or post, while they’re scrolling through a stream of ads and posts, is challenging. You’ll have better luck with brief, attention grabbing one-or-two-liners that welcome a reader onto your site. Once you get them off social media, your content’s no longer competing with others.

The reason you want to draw people off social platforms and on to your site is because blog posts offer more value to your audience. It’s the best place to express in-depth ideas, offer detailed information, and promote amazing products. Your website is the best exposure for your full line of products and services.

Social media is where the people are, so you do have to be there, but your intention should be to lead readers to your content so you can showcase your business without competing with all the other shiny objects on social media, like cat memes or batdad videos.

Internal Linking Strengthens SEO

Are you still wondering if you need a blog? Because you do, you really do.
Having a blog on your site provides opportunity for internal linking. (What’s internal linking?) Basically it turns your website into a spider web, interlocking pages and posts to strengthen your search engine indexing. One way of doing this is linking your home page to your about page, your about page to your FAQs and your FAQs to your services. The best way, is to link all these pages to blog posts and all the blog posts back to these pages.

You know SEO is important for your website, and backlinks improve SEO… Internal linking is kind of like giving yourself backlinks. You’re verifying the relevance and authority of your site content by vouching for it in multiple places.

So, make sure each time you write a blog post, you’re linking to another blog post or another page on your site. The more you do this, the stronger your site authority becomes.

Connecting with Your Target

A blog helps you connect more with your targets. Blog posting allows you to tell stories, share knowledge, and showcase the experience you have in your industry in a more involved and detailed way than social media posting.

Give your customers and clients in depth insights into what you know and how you operate. Create transparency and value at the same time.

Frequently posting will improve confidence, reliability, and offer education and insight to those connected with your business, building brand loyalty and positively impacting consumer behavior.

If you’re posting valuable information on a consistent basis, your company will stand out as knowledgeable, present in your industry, and trustworthy to your target clients.

Get to it

Take tidbits of information out of the posts already on your site and then link back to the full blog post.

Use FAQs, industry updates, or check the news cycles for inspiration.

If you still have no idea what you’re doing, hire a content marketer or copywriter who specializes in social media marketing or check out this post on blogging.

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