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Where can you promote your blog? Million dollar question right there.

I told you to market, so market you must! But where? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

Marketing depends on your niche.

Since listing every niche would be, like, impossible, I’ll just tell you the benefits of each platform and you can choose which ones fit your biz.

And if you need help, let me know!


Image result for FB imageFacebook

Doesn’t everyone have FB? I think so. I was in a computer class back in college and the teacher said: “Open up your FB page.”

I raised my hand, he nods at me, “I don’t have a FB page.”

Literally, the entire class turned around to look at me. Their faces were plastered with utter shock. I was like an alien. So, now I have a FB page.

Anyway, you can reach a ton of people on Facebook. Most businesses use Facebook because it’s the biggest driver of traffic to their site. Look out SEO because here comes FB!

Why Facebook?

  • used by basically everyone
  • you can market with pics, text or both
  • you have the ability provide longer explanations/messages than other platforms

Bottom line, no matter what your service is, have a Facebook page.


Image result for pinterest symbolPinterest

I love Pinterest. It was my first social media experience. I’m such a DIY-er, so when I heard about a site that encompassed every kind of DIY project you could imagine, I was on it!

One thing I learned from Amber Temerity’s Pintessential Planning Workshop, is that you shouldn’t think of Pinterest as a social media platform.

You don’t just connect with people on Pinterest,  it’s a search engine.

*Light bulb*

So when you are using Pinterest, pull out the SEO knowledge and plug it in here.

Why Pinterest?

  • used by mostly women
  • organized by boards and totally user-friendly
  • joining group boards helps promote your services to more people

If you think of the typical Pinterest audience, it’s DIY-ers, Stay-At-Home-Parents and mostly women.

If your business is geared toward women, I recommend making Pinterest one of your most used marketing tools.



Image result for linkedin symbolLinkedIn

LinkedIn was my second social media platform. I’m a job connoisseur. No, really, I’ve held more than fifteen jobs in my life from retail to activism, restaurants to sales, clerical, admin. You name it, I’ve probably done it.

Discovering LinkedIn was like striking gold, I could job hunt all the time, from anywhere! Wowza!

So how do you market with LinkedIn? You network, make connections, post helpful information and understand your audience.

Why LinkedIn?

  • used by professionals and business focused members
  • you can display your own professional profile
  • you can endorse and be endorsed for specific skills

LinkedIn members are professionals, the site is mainly used for people that are job hunting or in sales. If you’re in sales, if your niche is B2B content or if it’s geared toward the corporate world, make sure you’re marketing on LinkedIn.


Image result for twitter symbolTwitter

When Twitter first came out, I thought it was a total FB copycat.

After signing up for Twitter, I realized how awesome it was! I find it much easier to use than FB, or any social media platform.

I love how the characters are limited, it challenges you to get your message out in the most direct way possible. There is no room for wasted words when you only have 140 characters to get your message out there.

Twitter is new age, it’s for fast communication, quick updates, and brief shares. This study estimates a majority of users to be between the ages of 18-29.

If your niche involves a younger demographic, or the highly educated, then get yourself on Twitter.

Why Twitter?

  • used by younger demographic
  • doesn’t require (or allow) long posts
  • keeps your message direct and focused

Personally, I’ve had great success connecting with others on Twitter and I definitely recommend it.


Image result for instagram symbolInstagram

Instagram ranks higher for the 18-29 demographic than Twitter does but with Insta, the focus is on pictures. If your business is all about visuals (online health coach, yoga instructor, artist, graphic designer), then Instagram is a really great place to market your material.

Why Instagram?

As long as you have great visuals, you’ll pull great traffic from Insta.


Now don’t go spreading your marketing efforts too thin!

It may seem like a great idea to sign up for every account and try to attract as many followers as possible but you don’t want to sacrifice quality.

You should choose 2-3 platforms that capture your demographic and focus on your audience. In order to drive strong traffic, you have to be consistent.

Once you’ve mastered the marketing techniques of a few platforms, you can branch out but you don’t want to burn yourself out by trying to be everywhere at once.

Updating FB posts takes time, Pinning takes time. You can always use a scheduler to organize your marketing strategies but work on quality output first.



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