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Sometimes writing is exhausting. Just like with any job, sometimes you just don’t feel like doing it. If you want to be a successful writer, blogger, columnist, etc. you’ve got to keep yourself going. Stay motivated.

“Nobody craves your success as much as you do.”

If you want to write full time or if it’s your only source of income, you cannot slack off. Here are a few tips to keep you going.

Write about whatever you’re feeling

Whatever you’re feeling; exhaustion (we all have those days), laziness, writer’s block, wanting to quit, whatever it is, put it on paper. This doesn’t have to be a published piece, this doesn’t have to be for your blog, it just keeps your ideas flowing and your focus on writing.

Make a list

The list can be about the chores you need to get done or the shopping you need to do, anything you want. Then throw “write” at the bottom of the list so it’s there. You will be preparing yourself for a writing mindset while ticking off the points of the list. You know it’s coming so you the idea won’t be so blah when you get to it.


Reading your older posts or other blogs will help you gain inspiration. Sometimes we fall into a funk for one reason or another. You need to seek out your inspiration if it starts to fade. Do not expect to be filled with drive and desire 100% of the time. Everyone loses their motivation at some point; get it back on track by seeking out those who are currently inspired and motivated, even if that’s your past self.

Take a break

Sometimes we need to clear our head. If you’ve got too much going on and you feel frustrated or like giving up, give yourself a short period of rest. Make a deadline, start writing on Wednesday but take Monday and Tuesday off. Every job offers vacation days; don’t forget to give them to yourself.

Schedule your writing into the day

It’s easy to lose time during the day, especially if you have a family or anyone to take care of (parent, spouse, pet). Block off the same time every day so it becomes a part of your daily habits. Freelance writing is a flexible job but that doesn’t mean structure shouldn’t be a part of your routine.

Self-motivation is crucial to maintaining a writing career. Nobody craves your success as much as you do. And, as with anything, giving up is easy but it will not be rewarding.

You can use all kinds of tools to reach your goals.

  • Make an inspiration board (either on paper or Pinterest)
  • Make a list of reasons as to why you chose writing
  • Set reminders for yourself to focus on your passions
  • Create a reward system for when you reach certain milestones

If you want to give up you can, there is no shame in acknowledging when something isn’t for you. But if writing is for you; know that all writers go through periods of abatement.

You will regain your enthusiasm as long as you stay engaged.

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