How to Become a Paid Freelance Writer

Lots of people believe they need to have a degree in journalism or they have to apply to already established blogs or online publications. Luckily, that’s not true.

You can become a writer simply by writing every day. Actually, it’s important to write daily, it’s how you will develop your skill.

When you do eventually apply for paying jobs, people will wan


t to see samples of your work. It’s good to have a portfolio that you’ve taken the time to develop. Writing a quick one-page paper is going to read like a rough draft of an English Lit assignment.

Most of us learned in school how important it is to draft, edit and rewrite. You’ll want to do that with your portfolio pieces so you’re putting out your best product when you’re trying to land writing jobs.

Write daily.

I made my way into writing by helping friends and classmates with resumes and cover letters. I then helped colleagues write emails to clients, co-workers or their higher-ups. Doing this kind of tedious, and seemingly unimportant, writing helped me sharpen the skills I needed to be a standout writer.

“…you don’t need to pay for courses to learn how to become a paid freelance writer”

The next step to becoming a paid freelance writer is finding paying writing jobs, right? Yes, of course. That’s the reason you’re here reading my post.

You will find many different recommendations for how to break into the writing world if you put “how to land writing jobs” in your Google search engine.

There are classes, eBooks and various other tools offered by established writers and bloggers to give you advice.

I have combed through these sites and I can attest to their advice. It’s good.

However, you don’t need to pay for courses to learn how to become a paid freelance writer.

You need to know

  • how to build a portfolio
  • what to write in a cover letter or proposal
  • where to apply

I will post as much knowledge as I have about this subject so you can find real, paying, writing jobs. If you have questions, ask.

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